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We are a full-service real estate agency assisting Buyers, Sellers, Attorneys and Financial Institutions. Utilizing over twenty-five years of construction management and real estate experience we help clients decide on their best options..to buy, to sell or to hold real estate investments. Sometimes these could be complicated real estate investment portfolios, whilst other times it may be one of our long time Bankruptcy attorneys seeking the most viable solution for their client with one or more properties.   What defines us is our long-term commitment to do what is right and always in the best interest for our clients. We do not care about simply making a commission. We don't need to. We have a small office, and huge teams of financial advisors, mortgage brokers and other professionals as part of our team and overall scheme.   We do not take up time with banter back and forth. Your transaction is not a soap opera nor a 20 minute HDTV show on TV. We prefer to take on your challenges, and create a custom solution for you. We believe a client is more than another random pickup person off Trulia or Zillow.   As such, our primary focus is to maintain, increase or expand your life and real estate portfolio. This may mean we make less money sometimes, but we believe in the philosophy that time is more important than money...so better to spend your time making you money without fluff and games.   There are 1,000's of people with a license out there, hanging their shingle for a day or so. Talk is cheap. We are less about talk, more about action. We are more about fulfilling a few special people we call clients' dreams and desires than posting stuff on a wall online or off about how great we are.   We are not great, but we choose to be in the company of those creating great lives for themselves, their business and their family. It is less about being great, and more about helping others become greater than they ever imagined. This is the core essence of who we are and how we do business.   [contact-form to='ian70119@yahoo.com' subject='FROM johnanthonyrealty.com'][contact-field label='Name' type='name' required='1'/][contact-field label='Email' type='email' required='1'/][contact-field label='How can we help you?' type='textarea' required='1'/][contact-field label='Website' type='url'/][/contact-form]


Go beyond simply a person to open doors to look at a house. Go beyond simply knowing a price. Choose a seasoned, experienced team that has made clients millions.
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Contact us about your project. We offer advice on design / build projects up to $200 million.



Real Estate Sales and Consulting - our role using technology We use 360 camera technology on all our listings giving the user the ultimate ability to view our listings. This eliminates confusion about a place while reinforcing the branding of each listing to a higher level of consciousness and a greater opportunity to get your place under contract as fast as possible. Video, applying video SEO and a combination of social media tools guarantees effective marketing campaigns beyond the reach of most of the competition. We focus on the select buyers for our listings and draw them in to provide financing, insurance and construction options in order to help clients' reach their goals. We are currently developing a mobile real estate application to enable all parties to a real estate transaction to better and more easily work through the real estate process.

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Meet the people that are going to take your real estate to the next level.
Ian Cockburn
Ian Cockburn


Experienced, Varied Skills in Architecture, Engineering and Real Estate Development and Marketing

John Cockburn
John Cockburn

Digital Media Specialist

Enthusiastic, passionate with great sense of humor. The backbone of the John Anthony Realty media means and methods

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